Monday, 4 April 2011

Today ( 31 March 2011 ) in History / 313 Dalam Sejarah

Selangor religious authority raid on Hauzah Ar-Ridha a.s(15Dec 10)

Accusation has been mentioned : Assisting the spreading
of Shiite group ( 31March11 )

Myself and my respectful expert lawyer Tuan Haji Muhammad bin Burok in front of the Selangor State Syariah Law Court Gombak Barat.

Dear mother and father together with mukminin brothers pray for success in court         prosiding on 14th of July 2011.

              Our expression in press release.
                        8. Since there were no dialogues between religious authority and our community,
           confusion has spread against us.

Petua : Zikir LAILA HA ILLAALLAHUL MALIKUL HAQQUL MUBIN untuk kemushkilan-kemushkilan 

    Oh Allah help mazlumin especially in Bahrain.  Amin,Solawat

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