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PondokModenCyber : Fikah , pengertian dan istilah


PondokModenCyber : Fekah
Pengertian dan Istilah.
Juristprudence : Meaning and terminology

Soalan :

1.Apakah pengertian :
a.Ilmu Fiqh
d.Hukm Taklifi dan apakah hukum-hukum itu?
e.Hukm Wadh'iy dan berikan contoh-contoh.


Fīqh (Arabic: اَلفِقه) is an Islamic science through which practical laws and religious duties of a person in this world are studied. Jurisprudential laws are extracted from four sources by means of reasoning and research; which are the Qur'an, Tradition, Consensus, and Reason. Fiqh has passed through many phases and periods in both Sunni and Shi'a schools of thought. The common period for both is the period of Tashri' (legislation) which took place during the lifetime of the Prophet (s).


The word "fiqh" is literally translated as understanding, science, knowledge, genius and acuteness; and conventionally known as a science or knowledge of detailed religious laws or a science of obtaining an understanding of the practical religious duties of a person during the lifetime which is attained through sources, detailed proofs and evidences.

Main article: Hukm
In jurisprudential terminology, hukm means judgement of the religion regarding an action of a believer. For instance when it's said that wine drinking is forbidden, Hurmah حرمة is the hukm of this act.

Laws have various categorizations. Two most important types of religious laws are those concerning duties (al-hukm al-taklifi), and those concerning situations (al-hukm al-wad’i). Laws are also holistically categorised into primary and secondary. Provincial and governmental laws are another categorization.

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