Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Domestic News & Unidentified Flying (Or Non Flying) Objects fairytale.

                                      New Straits Times,Tue,1Nov11,pg 8

                                            The Star,Tue,1Nov11,pg25

                                            Sinar Harian,Sel 1 Nov 11,ms11                                              


                                  Harian Metro,Sel,1 Nov 11,ms18

                                            Berita Harian,Sel,1 Nov 11,ms14  


                                                  UN K.L    
                          Somebody say that Christians,Hindus,Buddhist,Sikhs,Sunni Moslems and so
                          and so citizens are human beings and their faith are respectful and even pets
                          have their rights but not Shiite...anybody and everybody is recommended to
                          talk nonsense about their ( Moslem Shiite ) beliefs because they are kumpulan Haram and may
                          be illegal creature in this universe no matter whether they are from human type
                or genies. Hey!How come these aliens become so many,almost hundreds of millions!!??



  1. yang kena tangkap tu bukan syiah yang dirujuk oleh JAIS dan Khusrin ke? Syiah mana pulak ni? Halo Hakim Khusrin cakap tu syiah sesat mana pulak? Dia tangkap tu kumpulan jin ke?

  2. Tak mengapa Ustaz. Mereka lepas di dunia tetapi tidak di Mahkamah Agung Allah. Syabas di atas usaha-usaha Ustaz. Semoga dirahmati dan dilindungi Allah. Solawat!