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what's going on in K.L tomorrow Saturday 17.3.12 !?

 Millions of Syrians Stress Support to Reform Program, Adherence to Syrian Leadership +PIC

In a national scene conveying a message to the whole world of the Syrian people's commitment to national unity away from foreign interferences and dictates, millions of Syrians on Thursday streamed into the homeland's streets and squares throughout the provinces in a global march for Syria.

Millions of Syrians Stress Support to Reform Program, Adherence to Syrian Leadership +PIC
 Waving Syrian flags and banners with national slogans on them, the jubilant participants voiced rejection of foreign interference in the Syrian people's internal affairs and support to the comprehensive reform program led by President Bashar al-Assad to build the renewed Syria.

The marchers' slogans expressed denunciation of the antagonistic campaign and the conspiracy hatched against their homeland and led by some Arab parties, stressing adherence to their leadership and vowing to remain steadfast in defending Syria's security and stability.

The reverberating echoes of pro-Syria and pro-leadership chants were heard all through the Umayyad square in Damascus, and Saba Bahrat Square in Deir Ezzor, Saadallah al-Jaberi Square in Aleppo, al-Mohafazeh Square in Lattakia and al-Raqqa, along the cornice in Tartous, the President Square in Hasaka, al-Baladieh in Misyaf, the main street of Salhab, the Post roundabout in Daraa and the neighborhoods of al-Zahra, al-Nuzha, al-Hadara and al-Sheirat in Homs.

The tens of thousands of wavering Syrian flags reflected the Syrians' awareness in confronting the pressures and foreign dictates that are aimed at undermining their homeland and its resistant and principled national and pan-Arab stances, and their choice of sticking to national unity and discarding all attempts at sowing sedition and the tendentious media misleading campaigns.

While condemning the criminal acts of the armed terrorist groups against the civilians, the security and army forces and the public and private properties, the cheering marchers applauded the Syrian Arab Arm's sacrifices for the sake of preservingSyria's stability, security and pride.

The Syrians expressed appreciation of Russia, China and other friendly countries for their stances in support of Syria against the conspiracy, denouncing the irresponsible resolutions of the Arab League, which they said has turned into a tool to implement foreign agendas aimed at fragmenting the region and controlling its resources.

Perarakan besar membela Bashar Asad di seluruh Syria

Penduduk Syria mengadakan perarakan besar membela presiden Bashar Asad yang memaklumkan perlaksanaan pembaharuan dan kestabilan.

Agensi Berita Ahlul Bait ( - Rakyat Syria berhimpun di Damsyiq dan berbagai wilayah lain tengah hari tadi untuk menyatakan sokongan mereka terhadap Bashar Asad setelah presiden tersebut memaklumkan perlaksanaan pembaharuan, kestabilan dan keamanan negara itu.
Para penunjuk perasaan melaungkan slogan mengutuk campurtangan Qatar, Arab Saudi dan Amerika dalam hal ehwal Syria. Mereka tegas menyatakan rakyat Syria lebih kuat dan negara-negara itu akan menderita kekalahan kelak.
Selain itu, mereka juga turut mengibarkan bendera Syria, pergerakan pembebasan Al-Quds dari Lubnan dan Palestin.

Assad tells Annan: no political solution while rebels are 'spreading chaos'

Syrian president meets former UN leader in Damascus for talks denounced by opposition as pointless while killing continue

UN and Arab League envoy Kofi Annan with Syrian foreign minister Walid al-Moallem
UN and Arab League envoy Kofi Annan at a working lunch with Syrian foreign minister Walid al-Moallem in Damascus after talks with president Bashar al-Assad. Photograph: Youssef Badawi/EPA

The Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, has held talks with Kofi Annan and told him that no political solution was possible in Syria while "terrorist" groups were destabilising the country.
Assad said Syria was willing to make "any honest effort" to find a solution but added that diplomatic progress was not possible while armed rebels were "operating and spreading chaos".
Annan met Assad in Damascus to press for a political solution to end the bloodshed in Syria.
The two men spoke for two hours at the presidential palace as Syrian opposition leaders denounced the talks, claiming that any deal with Assad was unthinkable while civilians were being killed by government forces.
The talks, described as "positive" by the state-run Sana news agency, came as Syrian troops pushed ahead with a new assault on the northern region of Idlib, shelling one of the centres of the uprising against Assad's rule.
Opposition activists said at least 26 people were killed across Syria on Friday, but there were also signs of more cracks in the Assad regime. A Turkish official said two Syrian generals, a colonel and two sergeants had defected to Turkey on Thursday, soon after Syria's deputy oil minister, Abdo Hussameldin, and a brigadier general announced their desertion of the regime on YouTube.
Western diplomats speculated on Friday that the public nature of their renunciation of the Assad government had encouraged other high-ranking officers to follow their example.
The new defectors were among 234 Syrians who have crossed into Turkey since Thursday. The defections were welcomed by EU foreign ministers meeting in Copenhagen, where they were portrayed as a sign that sanctions against the Damascus government were working.
"It is very good news that clearly high-ranking state and military officials are increasingly turning away from the Assad regime," said Germany's foreign minister, Guido Westerwelle, speaking in Berlin before his departure for the Danish capital. "The process of disintegration of the Assad regime has begun; the signs of erosion will continue. No country can be led in the long term with cruelty and repression."
Meanwhile, the Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, said his government was not protecting Assad's regime but the international community should not blame only one side for the violence.
Speaking in Cairo at an Arab League meeting, Lavrov said the immediate mission was to halt violence and enable humanitarian assistance to reach those in need.
The Qatari prime minister, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani, told Lavrov that rebels fighting Assad should not be labelled "armed gangs" but were defending themselves from systematic killing by the Syrian authorities.
He said a ceasefire was not enough, insisting that those responsible for the violence should be held to account and prisoners freed. Saudi Arabia called on Russia to back the Arab League effort to end the violence.
Russia, a close ally of Syria, angered many Arab governments last month by vetoing a draft UN resolution that would have put pressure on Assad to step down.
Ahead of Saturday's meeting in Damascus, Annan, a former UN secretary general who has been appointed joint UN-Arab League envoy, said he was taking "realistic" proposals to halt the killing, but did not go into details.
The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, said on Friday that Annan's priority was to immediately halt all fighting by government forces and opposition fighters, simultaneously if possible.
Ban said a ceasefire should be quickly followed by inclusive political talks to resolve the year-long conflict.
Burhan Ghalioun, the leader of the main opposition group, the Syrian National Council, said any talks with Assad were pointless as long as the regime continued to massacre its own people.
"It feels like we are watching the same movie being repeated over and over again," Ghalioun told the Associated Press in an interview from Paris. "My fear is that, like other international envoys before him, the aim is to waste a month or two of pointless mediation efforts."
In Beijing, China announced on Friday that it was sending its own envoy to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and France to explain its proposal for a Syrian ceasefire. The foreign ministry spokesman Liu Weimin said the assistant foreign affairs minister, Zhang Ming, would meet Arab League leaders during the seven-day trip, which begins on Sunday.
The conflict in Syria is now one of the bloodiest of the Arab spring, with the UN saying more than 7,500 people have been killed. Activists put the number at more than 8,000.

Iran sends humanitarian aid to crisis-hit Syria

Iran has dispatched the first consignment of humanitarian supplies, including medicines and medical equipment, to crisis-hit Syria to help people affected by the unrelenting unrest in the Arab country.

Iran sends humanitarian aid to crisis-hit Syria
(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - An Iranian plane carrying 40 tons of Iran's humanitarian aid arrived in the Syrian capital, Damascus, on Thursday.
The first shipment of Iran's aid to the friendly country, Syria, has been delivered in line with the broad relations between the two countries and Tehran’s support for Damascus, following the recent developments, Iran's Ambassador to Syria Mohammad Reza Raouf Sheibani told IRNA on Thursday.
He added that Iran would also send off three more cargos including foodstuff, ambulance, tents and blankets to Syria’s crisis-hit areas.
The envoy emphasized that Iran’s aid demonstrates the amity and compassion of the Iranian people towards the Syrians who are suffering from terrorist attacks in Syria.
Iran's Red Crescent Society announced on Wednesday that the supplies are sent in response to a call by the Syrian Red Crescent Society.
Syria has been experiencing unrest since mid-March and many people, including security forces, have lost their lives in the violence.
The West and the Syrian opposition accuse the government of killing the protesters. But Damascus blames ''outlaws, saboteurs and armed terrorist groups'' for the unrest, insisting that it is being orchestrated from abroad.

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    Apa komen Datuk Zainuddin Maidin ?

bukan saja di kampong kita,bahkan di seluruh dunia walaupun di bendera ada tulih ''Beratid''........................................................................................................................
 Aoun: Syria Facing International Aggression, Not Internal Revolution

Head of “Change and Reform” bloc MP Michel Aoun confirmed that “those who backed “Israel’s” war on Lebanon in July 2006 are the same ones who are backing the inner war against Syria.

Aoun: Syria Facing International Aggression, Not Internal Revolution
(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - In a speech delivered on the 23rd anniversary of “March 14″, Aoun warned that “the violence in Syria would spill over to Lebanon,” rejecting “the presence of what he called extremist (so-called blasphemes) on our border.”
“That’s why we should think of good neighborliness and the neighborhood’s security, as we can’t live with extremist groups on our borders that are interacting with the Lebanese domestic scene,” Aoun said.
“When we first talked about Syria, we said that we support reform and that we do not want the presence of extremism on our border,” he highlighted pointing out that “we can’t accept the rise to power of certain people under the slogans of democracy and human rights.”
Stressing that what “Syria is facing an international aggression and not an internal revolution;” Aoun warned that “in the end there will be neither democracy nor human rights.”
“Let us suppose that the Syrian regime was ousted, what is the alternative in that case? Our safety is at stake and war will reach us. We do not want to close our eyes and say let the Muslim Brotherhood rule,” Aoun added.
شعر حول المؤامرات ضد سوریا
 هـذا الـــزواج ُ مــن الموساد ِ نعرِفـُــه

هذه قصیدة جمیلة للشاعر الفلسطیني د. أحمد حسن المقدسي حول مؤامرة أعداء المقاومة التي تحاك ضد سوریا.

هـذا الـــزواج ُ مــن الموساد ِ نعرِفـُــه
لا تـُـسقِطوا الشام َ يا أعـراب ُ ، واعتبِروا هـذي جـَهنم ُ فـي بغـداد َ تـَـســتعِر ُ
اللعبة ُ ابـتدأت .. واللا عـبون َ أتـَـوا وكاتـب ُ النــَـص ِ خـلف َ الـباب ِ مـُـستـَتِر ُ
والحرب ُ توشـك ُ أن تـُـلقي مَعاطِـفـَها وَقــودُها الــنـفط ُ والـدولار ُ والبـَـشـَر ُ

ماذا أقـول ُ ؟ وهل تـُـجدي مـُـعاتـَبَتي
وعـُـصبة ُ الـشَر مــن  صـُهيون َ تأتـَـمِـر ُ

ماذا أقـول ُ لأعــراب ٍ تـُـحَرِكـُهم
كـف ُ العـمالة ِ والأحـقاد ُ والـبـَطـَر ُ

فـأي ُ جامعة ٍ تـلك َ الـتي خــَـنـَعَت(1)
فــيها التـــَـآمـُـر ُ بالأخلاق ِ يَـعــتـَمِر ُ

قــرن ٌ وجامـعة ُ الأشـرار ِ في صَــمـَم ٍ
فالأرض ُ تـُنـهــب ُ، والأعـراب ُ مـا نـَـفـَروا(2)

والقـدس ُ تـُـذبح ُ مِــثل َ الطير ِ راعِـفة ً(3)
فأطــرق ٌ القـوم ُ ، لا حِــس ٌ ولا خـَـبَر ُ

كـم  قبـَـلوا كــَـف َ جـَـزار  (4) ٍيُـقـَـتـِـلنا
وفـوق َ أشـلائنا يا ويـحَهم سـَـكِروا

هــل تـِلك َ جـامعة ٌ أم تِـلك َ مَـزبلة ٌ يَسوسُها في زمان ِ العـُهـر ِ مـَن  صَـغـُروا
هــذي الــزَريـبـَة (5) ما عـادت  تــُـمـَثــِـلـُنا مـادام َ تـَسـكنها الثــيران ُ والحـُــمُر ُ

اليوم َ أنعـي لأهـل ِ الخـير ِ جامعة ً
عـَـرابـُـها(6) الـدُب ُ والأفــاق (7) والــقـذِر ُ

لـو ذرة ٌ مـِــن  حـياء ٍ في وُجُوهـِهـِم ُ
لأشـعلوا النار َ فـي الإســطبل َ وانتـحروا


لا تقتــلوا الــشام َ فالــتاريخ ُ عـَــلـَمنا أن َ العـُــروبة َ دون َ الــشام ِ تـَــندَحِـر ُ
فــأمـَة ُ العـُــرب ِ لا تـَــفـنى بـلا قـَــطـَر ٍ لـكــنها دون َ رُمــح ِ الـــشام ِ تنكــسِر ُ
ولــن  نعيــش َ كأيتــام ٍ بــلا حـَــمَـد ٍ ولـن نمــوت َ إذا مــا أ ُلغِــــيَت  قــَــطـَر ُ

لكـننا دون َ سـَــيف ِ الـــشام ِ جارية ٌ
يـَـلوطـُها التـُـرك ُ .. والرومان ُ .. والتـَــتـَر ُ

قـبائـل ُ النـفط ِ باسـم ِ الــحُب ِ تقتـُــلـُنا
فالـحُب ُ فـاض َ بـهم ، والعـِـشق ُ ينفجـِــر ُ

عـواصِـم َ المِلح ِ عـودوا عـن مَحَــبَتِكـُم
فلـدغة ُ الحـُـب ِ مــن أنيابكم سـَـقـَر ُ(8)

يا مرحـبا ً بـِـدِمُــقــراطية ٍ هـَـبَطـَـت
مِـن َ الـسماء ِ وقــد كانوا بـها كـفروا

هـذا الـــزواج ُ مــن الموساد ِ نعرِفـُــه ُ ولــيس َ يـُخـــطِئه ُ سـَــمـع ٌ ولا بـَــصـَر ُ
هـذي دموع ُ تماسـيح ٍ ، فـما ذ ُرفـت  لـشعب ِ غـــزة َ والآلاف ُ تـُــحتـَضـَر ُ
هـذا العـويل ُ علــى الأرواح ِ لـم نـَرَه ُ والناس ُ تـُـطـبَخ ُ في قـانا وتنـــصَهـِر ُ
وفـي العـراق ِ صـَـمَتـُم  صـَــمت َ مـَــقـبَرَة ٍ وآلة ُ المـوت ِ لا تـُــبقي ولا تـَـذَر ُ

أمـَا القـَـطيف ُ ، فـَـهُم  أبــناء ُ جــاريـَة ٍ
وقـَــتـلـُهم طــاعة ٌ للـه ِ يُعــــتـَبَرُ

فما رأيــنـَا عــيونا ً أدمَعَـت  دُرَرَا ً
ولا قـُلـوبا ً علـى الأرواح ِ تـَنــفـَطِر ُ


لا تـقتـلوا الــشام َ إن َ الـشام َ روضتـُنا دون َ الــشآم ِ يـموت ُ الضَـــوء ُ والــقـَمَر ُ
لا تـَـذبحوها فــهذي الــشام ُ لوحـَــتـُنا لولا الـــشآم ُ لـمات َ الــشِـعر ُ والــــحَوَر ُ
يا شـام ُ صبرا ً ، فإن َ الغـدرَ دَيـــدَنـُهم كـم مـرة ٍ لــتراب الـقـُدس ِ قــد غــدَروا !!

ظـَـنـُوا الـزَعامَة َ دشــداشـا ً ومـِسـبَحَة ً
ولـحيـَة ً بـِــسـُموم ِ الـنفط ِ تـَخــتـَمِـر ُ

حَسِـبـتـُهم  مـِـن  خطايا الأمس ِ قد فـَهِـموا
ظــَــننتـُهم فـَـهـِموا ، لـكنـَهم بـَــقـَر ُ


يا رب ُ عـفوك َ، أنــقِذنا بمعجزة ٍ
تـُـزلزلُ الأرض َ فـيهم ، إنـَهم فـجَروا
(1) خضعت
(2) تجنّدوا
(3) نزیف الدم من الأنف
(4)الذي یقطع الرؤوس

متى قاتلتم الإسرائيليين أو أصدرتم فتوى بذلك؟

من يسمع أو يقرأ الفتوى التي أصدره رجل الدين السعودي يتصور أن هؤلاء أفنوا أعمارهم في قتال الإسرائيليين لذلك أجلوا اليوم مقاتلتهم وذهبوا لقتال الجيش السوري وإسقاط النظام الحاكم في سوريا.

متى قاتلتم الإسرائيليين أو أصدرتم فتوى بذلك؟
ابنا: في وقت سابق قال القرني إن قتله (الرئيس الأسد) اوجب من قتل الإسرائيليين في الوقت الحالي، داعيا أفراد الجيش السوري إلى الانشقاق وعدم طاعة بشار الذي وصفه بأنه " قاتل وزنديق وخائن" (... ) !!
ولم يقتصر هجوم رجل الدين الوهابي المتطرف القرني الموظف في المخابرات السعودية، على مهاجمة الرئيس الأسد، بل هاجم الأمين العام لحزب الله السيد حسن نصر الله، في تكرار للمواقف السعودية المعادية للمقاومة الإسلامية وللامين العام لحزب الله ضد الكيان الإسرائيلي، بسبب إدانته للمشروع الأمريكي – الإسرائيلي – الخليجي لإسقاط نظام الرئيس الأسد.
الجدير بالذكر أن المؤسسة الدينية السعودية هي جزء من النظام السعودي وهي مؤسسة رسمية يتقاضى موظفوها رواتب من الحكومة وبالتالي على علاقة مباشرة بالسياسة السعودية ومرتبطة بمشاريع المخابرات السعودية، وسبق أن وصف رئيس مجلس القضاء الأعلى وعضو هيئة كبار العلماء الشيخ صالح بن محمد اللحيدان، حزب الله بـ " حزب الشيطان " بعد الانتصارات التي حققها في حرب عام ٢٠٠٦ والتي هزم بها العدوان الإسرائيلي على لبنان.
ومن يتابع تحركات هذه الجماعة ليصل إلى قناعة أنهم موجودون في كل ما يتعلق بدماء المسلمين والخلافات بينهم وأما فيما يتعلق بمخططات أعداء الدين وجرائمهم والدعوة إلى نصرة المسلمين فأنهم في منأى عن ذلك وطالما سمعنا فتاوى تشبه فتوى القرني فسبق ولا يزالون يرددون أن قتل الشيعة والقضاء عليهم أوجب من مقاتلة اليهود.
إن فتوى رجل الدين الوهابي القرني بان "قتل الأسد، اوجب من قتل الإسرائيليين" هو موقف مشابه لموقف صحيفة "الرياض" في افتتاحيتها قبل شهرين والتي حملت عنوان " إيران أولا .. وليست إسرائيل " والتي كتبها رئيس التحرير المقرب من المخابرات السعودية " تركي السديري " الذي دعا إلى تجنيد كل إمكانات السعودية إلى مواجهة الجمهورية الإسلامية، ووصفها بأنها العدو الحقيقي !! متجاهلا الاحتلال الصهيوني لأرض فلسطين واحتلالها للمقدسات وتدنيسها لها ومتجاهلا القتل اليومي للفلسطينيين، مطالبا بمواجهة إيران، وهي دعوة إسرائيلية قيل أن تكون دعوة من النظام السعودي.

(5) الأسطبل

Ketua Umum Nahdhatul Ulama Indonesia;
 Gerakan Wahabi menyalahi Rasulullah

Amerika dalang disebalik gerakan Wahabi

Gerakan Wahabi menyalahi Rasulullah
Amerika Syarikat dianggap turut bertanggung jawab atas gerakan penyebaran ideologi Wahabi yang akhir-akhir ini merugikan dan merosakkan beberapa negara yang berpenduduk muslim.
“Gerakan salafi bertentangan dengan ajaran Rasulullah yang telah mendirikan negara bertamadun dan menghormati hak-hak rakyat.” Kata Kiai Haji Said Aqil Siroj, Ketua Umum Pengurus Besar Nahdhatul Ulama, ketika memberikan ceramah umum, ‘Islam di Indonesia dalam Menghadapi Ekstremisme’ di al-Jazair, sebagaimana dikutip
Menurut Kiai Said, gerakan salafi pada saat ini wujud dalam istilah ‘perang suci’. Istilah ini sudah tentu perlu dikritik kerana Rasulullah di Madinah sangat melindungi hak-hak rakyat baik muslim mahu pun non muslim, “Kerana itu tidak ada  perang suci mengingat Islam menentang pertumpahan darah.” Kata Kiai Said Aqil.
Mengenai fenomena gerakan salafi di Indonesia, Kiai Said mengakui bahawa hal tersebut memang ada sejak lapan tahun kebelakangan ini dan ianya bersifat eksklusif serta terbatas.
“Kita akui mereka wujud, meskipun masih terpinggir, mereka cukup terorganisasi. Jika memperhatikan model gerakan salafi sudah tentu kita sebagai masyarakat muslim akan mempertanyakan ajakan mereka mengingat ideologi mereka yang dekat dengan kekerasan.” Kata Kiai Said.

(6) ولاة، قاداة
(7) المتجول

 Israel hanya gertak untuk serang Iran

Matthias Chang: Mustahil Israel serang Iran

Israel hanya gertak untuk serang Iran
Agensi Berita Ahlul Bait ( - Bekas setiausaha politik Tun Dr. Mahathir, Matthias Chang dalam sebuah artikelnya menganggap serangan Israel ke atas Iran hanyalah gertakan semata-mata dan mustahil akan terjadi.
Beliau menambah Israel mahukan Amerika mengambil langkah ketenteraan terhadap Iran. Namun akibat masalah ekonomi, mereka tidak mampu mengikut telunjuk Israel.
Selain itu, serangan terhadap Iran boleh menyegerakan kehancuran Amerika dalam tempoh satu dekad. Pertemuan Netanyahu dan Barrack Obama pula hanyalah untuk memainkan isu nuklear.
Chang turut mengkritik sikap negara-negara Arab tentang Israel terutamanya Saudi dengan mengatakan, "Negara-negara Islam hendaklah bersatu membela Iran andainya Israel dan Amerika benar-benar berani menyerang Iran."
Beliau turut menyifatkan situasi kedhaifan rakyat Palestin saat ini sebagai kelemahan negara-negara Islam dalam menghadapi regim Zionis.

(8) الجهنم


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