Wednesday, 11 January 2012

DOWN with Terrorists,Zionist mercenaries all over the World

                                            INNALILLAH WA INNA ILAIHI RAJI,UN
                                 FROM ALLAH WE COME AND TO HIM WE RETURN
                                                Al-Marhum Saintis Mustafa Ahmadi Roshan

                     Para Saintis Republik Islam Iran yang telah menjadi sasaran teroris antarabangsa
                                                        ALFATIHAH untuk roh mereka
                                          PRAY FOR THE PLEASURE OF THEIR SOULS



29 November 2010        Iranian Head of nuclear operation Ali Akbar Salehi
Motorbike-riding bombers killed a leading Iranian nuclear scientist and wounded another by planting explosives on their cars as they drove to work today.
State TV swiftly blamed Israel for the attacks. At least two other Iranian nuclear scientists have been killed in recent years in what Iran has said is part of a covert attempt by the West to damage its controversial nuclear programme.
Head of the country’s nuclear operation Ali Akbar Salehi, issued a stern warning as he rushed to hospital to see the surviving scientist, Fereidoun Abbasi.
“Don’t play with fire. The patience of the Iranian nation has limits. If it runs out of patience, bad consequences will await enemies,” he said.
Mr Salehi, one of Iran’s vice presidents, was apparently referring to Israel and the US, which Iran alleges are trying to damage its nuclear programme.
Tehran’s uranium enrichment program is at the centre of a bitter row between Iran on one side and the US and its allies on the other. Uranium enrichment is a process that can be used to produce both nuclear energy and nuclear weapons.
Some countries suspect Iran is trying to make nuclear weapons, an allegation the government denies. Tehran’s refusal to halt uranium enrichment has brought on multiple rounds of UN sanctions against the country. 
                                                   Iranian woman scientist
                                      NUCLEAR FOR PEACE,SCIENCE AND TECH


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