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DOA PERPADUAN DAN SELAMAT PILIHANRAYA UMUM 2012 dengan keberkatan maulid puteri Nabi s.a.w

Poem; Dear Awaited Imam Mahdi (a.j.t.f.s)
 Poem; Dear Awaited Imam Mahdi (a.j.t.f.s)

Dear Awaited,
If I knew why I write
I probably would not be writing to you
I write not because I want to
I write not because I have to
I write because I'm taken back by your reality
I write to empty the tears in my pen
I write because I could not write before
Until that day
When you took a step followed by another
Into my home
Upon ebullient breaths of dawn
You greeted my pen one morn
I write because it's seen your soul
And it's tripped over its lines
And fallen
Into and unto its pages
Pages only my heart can read
As my pen sits upon its podium
Writing away
With the flow of ink
Steady and thick
A little twist and turn here
Into letters forming what I think
Reflected in these letters is a portrait
Underneath the paint a tangle of confusion
Hope and fear
As if I've birthed a thousand stars
Yet darkness surrounds me everywhere
I offer you my self portrait
So you may consider my soul
Knowing I can only reach you through words
Knowing you are reading this somewhere
So what if
What if you were a boat sailing into my imagination
Sailing so deep you collided with the rocks of reality
What if the figments of my imagination are shadows of what's real?
As my mind sits under my heart's tree
Venting thoughts by building cities out of mist
And palaces on the sea
Weaving words into gaps once left by reality
What if the Mahdi appears in us?
Standing against the wall of our hearts
Before he appears against that cubic wall
What if the second coming is the return of the light we were born with?
Unshackling our souls so we may help unshackle the world
I begin to float on the breeze of understanding
Knowing with every heartbeat there's an echo of your footsteps down the hallway
Of time
But here I am, still broken
Falling between these cracks hiding
Flying dreams from land to land
In-between where mountains stand
With words offering my hand
To be taken away with you...


From Egypt with love

Presidential hopeful El-Awa a Shia?

Presidential hopeful Mohamed Selim El-Awa denied being a Shia Muslim and confirmed he was a Sunni during a campaign tour in Sharqeya governorate Monday.

Presidential hopeful El-Awa a Shia?
(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - El-Awa’s statement came in response to the widely held belief that he was a Shia due to his promotion of dialogue between the two main branches of Islam. 
Ultra-conservative Islamists have strongly criticised El-Awa for defending the right of Shia Muslims to practice their version of Islam, accusing him of exaggerating similarities and toning down differences between Sunnis and Shias.
A well-known Islamic thinker and writer, El-Awa has been in the limelight for several years and is considered a “moderate Islamist.”
He declared his intention to run for president in June 2011.
Presidential elections will take place on 23 and 24 May, and the president will be named on 21 June after a runoff voting round on 16 and 17 June.

 Egyptian MP: Enemies pursue fueling Shia Sunni differences

Dr Nassreddin Al-Zaghbi, member of Foreign Relations Committee in Egypt Parliament in an interview referred to the opposition of the Egyptian people with any dictatorship saying, “After presidential elections, to be held on June 30th, 2012, military junta in Egypt will submit the ruling to a civil government.

Egyptian MP: Enemies pursue fueling Shia Sunni differences
(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Member of El-Tahalef El-Sha’ab Party, visiting Iran with a delegation of media, religious and political figures explained the meeting aimed at knowing and introducing Islamic Republic of Iran free from the global misrepresentation of the truth about Iran.
“Following the 25th Revolution of Egypt, the motto of “Liberation from Dependence and Modesty” have been among the most important aims of the revolution; hence, independence in decision making has had a very important status for the Egyptian nation.
Al-Zaghbi stressed the point that Egyptian nation is determined to make decisions for its political future without the interference of other countries.
“The issue of resuming friendly ties with Iran is under discussion at the moment and Egyptian nation will decide about that without maintaining the interests of other countries.” said the Egyptian official.
He rejected the claims over opposition of the Egyptian nation with resumption of ties with Iran and said the reason for such claims is occupation of the Egyptian people with domestic issues.
He said, “It is not right that Israeli citizens deserve visa-free travels to Egypt while Iranian citizens are not granted a visa to Egypt.”
Member of Committee of Foreign Relations in Egypt’s Parliament said Egypt in resuming the relations with Islamic Republic of Iran maintains interests of the nation and added, “Political, Economic and Strategic ties with Iran is not impossible particularly when throughout the history there has been no hostile backgrounds in Tehran-Cairo ties.”
On the hurdles brought by some political or extremist Islamic groups, he said, “Some are trying to obstacle the ways under the pretext of stopping the spread of Shia in Egypt while Egyptian people are quite aware not to base its interests on such rumors.”
Al-Zaghbi added, “Religion does not blockade Iran-Egypt ties but it is a fake obstacle to frighten the Egyptian people and preventing the increase of fraternal relations between these countries.”
He said proximity of Islamic denominations has a long background in Egypt and slammed the enemies for efforts to fuel the disagreements between Shia and Sunni while Sheikh Shaltout and Allameh Ghomi made great efforts to found proximity institutions and Jafari Shia is recognized as the fifth denomination besides the four Sunni denominations in Egypt.
Member of Egypt’s political party also referred to several commonalities of Shia and Sunni saying, “We and our Shia brothers are in common in the main bases of Islam including the Shahadatain (two testimonies of Islam), Prayers, Zakat (portion of wealth given for charity), fasting and Hajj pilgrimage.

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                   United Kingdom

     Nota : Penghargaan kepada semua termasuk Pihak Keselamatan,SUHAKAM,Pejabat MB
               MPS,Pejabat Mufti Selangor dan lain-lain semoga mendapat keberkatan puteri Nabi s.a.w
               di hari ulangtahun gilang gemilang dan kita sama-sama menjayakannya sebagai majlis doa
               Selamat demi menjayakan Pilihanraya Umum akan datang tanpa Me-
               mporak perandakan perpaduan
               Umat Islam dan Bangsa-bangsa Nasional seMalaysia.

               Diharapkan pihak berkuasa agama terutama Yang Dihormati dan Dikasehi Tuan Datuk Mufti
               dapat memainkan peranan yang bijaksana berhadapan Allah Yang Maha Adil dan Maha Cepat
               perhitunganNya Sari'ul Hisab.Semoga semua kita dilimpahi Syafaat Nabi dan AhlulBait baginda
               Buang Yang Keruh Ambil Yang Jernih Pilihanraya Tanggungjawab bersama
               salam 300ribu Masyarakat Awam Syiah Imamiah ( Ja'fari ) Malaysia dan 700 juta
               masyarakat Pencinta AhlulBait Sedunia kepada semua rakyat Malaysia dengan harapan
               berlangsungnya Pilihanraya Umum yang selamat.

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